Whitney Bean

Wellness and Life Coach, Doula, Energy Healing Practitioner, Meditation Teacher, and Mindfulness Coach

Hi, I’m Whitney. I am a certified Wellness and Life Coach. I guide individuals in all areas of their life, help them explore various tools for healing, and teach clients how to self-evaluate. With this guidance, clients can expect to come out of sessions feeling refreshed and renewed as well as empowered to achieve their set goals. I enjoy teaching meditation and mindfulness and particularly appreciate the power of integrating visualizations into our health.

In addition, I am a birth doula with a passion for educating soon-to-be mamas. Learning what’s to come can help moms to feel powerful rather than fearful. I’ve also had children of my own and have learned many wonderful lessons and joys through this process. I can aid in preparing for pregnancy, pregnancy education, preparing birth plans, and postpartum coaching.

Lastly, I love using whole, organic foods and essential oils to aid in our health and in the health of my clients. When we balance our body, we are better in tune with all areas of our life. I love spending time with my husband and our four kids and implementing the same tools that I teach to clients.

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