Valerie Lundgren

Reiki, Health Coaching, Mindfulness, Heart Math

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Provided Services:

  • Coaching
  • Reiki
  • Meditation

About Valerie Lundgren:

My Mission is to guide you on your wellness journey. What does wellness journey mean? For everyone, it means something different, but the general idea is working on your overall whole-body health. As a holistic health coach and reiki practitioner, I work with your whole body, mind, body, Soul to maximize your healing potential. We all have the potential to change our lives and heal from our past and I’m here to guide you on that journey.

I have struggled with anxiety and panic disorder for years, right after the birth of my son. After trying to manage it on my own for so long I had developed Melanoma. This shook me to my core and I knew I needed to change. So I went on a long spiritual journey to help my body heal. Along my healing journey, I went to school for health coaching and took courses in mindfulness, meditation, heart-centered bodywork, and more. As I have been able to discover my potential to heal, I wanted to gain the knowledge to help others. You don’t have to struggle every day with your anxiety; you can take control and thrive.

I am married to my soul mate and a mom to two teens. Our family loves to foster dogs, so we always have a house full of puppies. We have fostered over 40 puppies in 3 years. I enjoy gardening, meditating, reading, going on walks, and being with family. My favorite Crystal is Larimar, My favorite Author is Pema Chodron, and my favorite herb is Ashwagandha.

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