Tracy L. Wiggs

Integrative – Functional – Alternative Medicine Practitioner

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Provided Services:

  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Health Coaching

Specialties and Certifications :

  • Certified – Approved by California Board of Registered Nursing in Health+ Nutrition+ Herbal Counseling & Kinesiology
  • Certified Blood Analyst by Creative Health of Canada
  • I-ACT Certified Colon Hydro-Therapist (Digestive – Gut Health)

About Tracy:

Hello everyone, I’m Tracy Wiggs! As an Integrative – Functional – Alternative Medicine Provider, I focus on the mind-body connection, in an effort to determine the root cause of your physical symptoms, as opposed to just treating your symptoms alone. I do this by utilizing well-studied, science and fact-based methodologies, from around the world and throughout history, in an effort to provide you with relief and healing. The services I provide focus on building health through proper nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, and natural detoxification of the body, through various types of therapies/methods/modalities.

Each of us has a unique physical makeup, along with individual health concerns. With my Nutritional Counseling, I will assist you with your personal health concerns and challenges. I am dedicated to motivating you to take control of your health, transform your body and change your life to become a happier, healthier you!

As a Certified Health & Nutrition Counselor, I offer Advanced Nutritional counseling regarding whole foods and Herbal supplements, with a special focus on Overweight, Underweight, and ‘out-of-balance’ nutrition.

As a Certified Herbal Counselor I educate you on how Herbs, their actions, and their uses, may benefit you on your path to Wellness, in the following areas: Digestive, Intestinal, Glandular, Nervous, Respiratory, Circulatory, Urinary, Structural, and Immune System, in addition to common ailments.

After my initial introductory information (1st session only), I spend every minute of our time together focused entirely on you, your needs, your questions, and any concerns you may have!

New Client – Initial Broad Spectrum Health Assessment

I first go over my introductory information with you, where I share absolutely EVERYTHING you need to know about me. This will give you the knowledge required to make an educated decision, as to whether or not I am the right practitioner for you. If so, we will proceed with the first half of a very thorough Health Questionnaire, in which we will walk through together and discuss, for the remainder of your session.

Follow-Up / Additional Sessions

Your 1st follow-up / additional session picks up where we left off on your initial session. We continue our interactive discussion while completing the second half of your Health Questionnaire. This will result in a more complete understanding of your nutritional situation. Thereby giving me the ability to make recommendations for you, that should help you reach your health goals.

After this appointment (on my own time & free of charge to you) I thoroughly study your completed Health Questionnaire and conduct all applicable research. Typically within a few days of this session, you will receive an email from me containing a detailed schedule of suggested supplementation, advised lifestyle modifications, exercise recommendations, and specific information for your unique health concerns.

Continued follow-up sessions are used to monitor progress, further educate and if necessary, refine and expand the current recommendations for your optimal health. This could involve blood work or Iridology screenings, along with possible recommendations for other therapies, such as: chiropractic care, specialized massage therapy, and/or **Colon Hydro-Therapy (if you are a candidate & IF it’s available in your local area).

As you regain a sense of vitality, our sessions will focus on maintaining your health, through the development of a customized ‘Path to Wellness’ Plan, which will continue to fund your life goals, as you defined from the beginning.

**Certified Colon Hydrotherapy w/Pressure-Point Reflexology is used to cleanse & detoxify the entire body (cells, tissues, organs, blood, etc.) along with strengthening and fortifying the immune system.

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