Pancreatitis, as with all illness and disease, it is important to look at the whole person, all systems and lifestyle in order to achieve optimal health and healing.

All of the information below is general information that may or may not be appropriate for your specific condition. It is critical that you work with a doctor to do a full medical history, exam and review of lab work. The holistically focused information is what has been of general benefit to some of patients dealing with pancreatitis. Again, please run all things by your doctor.

A major factor in pancreatitis flair ups is inflammation and acidity, both of which can be supported naturally through diets, supplementation and lifestyle changes, especially stress reduction & stress management.

The pancreas produces enzymes that help digestion and hormones that help regulate the way your body processes sugar (glucose).

When the pancreas is not functioning optimally, it is important to have the following things checked as well:

1. Blood sugar levels
2. Cholesterol & triglycerides
3. Thyroid (T3, T4 and TSH – all three must be measured)
4. Hormone levels
5. Check for gallstones

When it comes to getting your labs back, work with your doctor and also a holistic, functional or natural doctor in order to review the lab results through the functional range vs. the traditional medical ‘illness’ range. What traditional medicine often reports is ‘normal’ simply means not outside of the normal range, while normal ranges are very different than the optimal functional ranges.

To support all of your hormone producing glands as well as to reduce acidity and inflammation, conducer the following –

1. Avoid alcohol completely!!
2. Eat a low acidity diet also free from processed foods, sugar and carbonated drinks (also avoid dairy and gluten if possible)
3. Increase the quality of your sleep (8 hours per night in total darkness without screen time for 90 minutes prior to bed and also sleeping without noise such as music present)
4. Reduce stress and use techniques such as meditation and mindfulness to manage stress as it arises
5. Take curcumin (turmeric) supplements
6. Take a good digestive enzyme 20 minutes prior to eating
7. Take probiotics on an empty stomach
8. Two other supplements that are helpful in reducing inflammation are Frankincense and CBD
9. Address flair ups with additional natural anti-inflammatories and magnesium as well as address acid reflux and heart burn often associated with these flair ups with collagen, bone broth and to address the pain Heartburn Essentials by Pure. Also reduce meal portion sizes and eat 4-5 smaller meals per day

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