Session Terms & Conditions

Modi Health Technologies, LLC (“ModiHealth” or “we”, “our” or “us”) operates the ModiHealth platform (the “Platform”), including the optional feature that allows our Users to book and participate in Sessions with Practitioners (as those capitalized terms are defined in our Terms of Use).

These Session Terms & Conditions (“Session Terms”) apply specifically to any Sessions you may order and/or participate in and govern your rights and obligations specific thereto.  All information collected about you in connection with your booking of a Session will be governed by our Privacy Policy.  All other terms between you and us governing your use of our Platform and your Session can be found in our Terms of Use.  By completing your order of a Session and/or participating in a Session, you are confirming your agreement to the terms of these Session Terms as well as our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Our Platform offers Users the opportunity to book Sessions with Practitioners, to be conducted online through the Platform.  The User will specify certain information about the booking such as the State in which the User is located, the type of service and type of visit requested, and, if applicable, the specific Practitioner the User would like to see.  The Platform will take that information and provide available Session times for the applicable Practitioner.

The Platform will provide you with the rates which are based on the details of the Session and Practitioner you have selected prior to booking.  The booking of a Session will not be considered complete or secured until you confirm the booking and “check-out” authorizing payment.  Once you confirm the booking and authorize the charge, your credit card or other authorized payment method will immediately be charged for the full amount due.

We reserve the right to cancel any booking if the payment information provided is incorrect, denied or delayed. When you provide credit card information to us, you represent that you are the authorized user of the credit card. All payments will be processed through a third-party payment processor.


If you cancel more than 24 hours before your booked Session, the booking fee will be refunded to your authorized method of payment.  If you reschedule more than 24 hours before your booked Session, we will not refund the booking fee but will apply it to the rescheduled Session.

If you cancel or reschedule less than 24 hours before your booked appointment, because the Practitioner will not have time to find another Session for that time slot, you will be charged in full and will not be issued any refund.

If a Practitioner cancels at any time, we will use reasonable efforts to find a replacement Practitioner for that Session. In any event, we will provide you with a full refund of your booking fee in any of the following situations: (i) we cannot find a replacement for a Practitioner who has cancelled a booked Session; (ii) we find a replacement but it is unacceptable to you; (iii) a Practitioner simply does not show up for a booked Session; or (iii) a booked Session is cancelled or unavailable due to any error on the part of the Platform.


Our Services are limited to hosting and making available the Platform which provides functionality that allows you to book online Sessions with Practitioners and uses technology to facilitate those Sessions.  We do not provide any medical or other professional services nor do we monitor or control the activities or services of the Practitioners listed on the Platform, as such individuals are not our employees.  We make no representations regarding, and are not liable or responsible for, the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, reliability or availability of, any of the advice, information, materials or other content provided by a Practitioner during a Session. If you are a User and choose to book a Session with a Practitioner through our Platform, you do so at your own risk (except with respect to any refunds that may be granted as described herein). Without limiting the foregoing, we make no representations or warranties regarding the services of any Practitioner on the Platform, including with respect to the quality of their services. Users are solely responsible for determining the suitability of any Practitioner they may find through the Platform. We will not be a party to or in any way be responsible for any disputes arising between a User and a Practitioner or for monitoring any Session between a User and a Practitioner.

As described in more detail in the Disclaimers and Limitation of Liability section in the Terms of Use, any dispute between a User and a Practitioner relating in any way to the services provided by the Practitioner to the User shall be settled solely between the User and Practitioner.


These Session Terms supplement our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, the provisions of which are hereby incorporated by this reference and constitute the remainder of the terms governing your use of the Platform and participation in any Sessions.

Please contact us at [] with any questions regarding these Session Terms.

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