Teresa Benza Beaton

Life Coach, Mindfulness and Meditation Coach, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher

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About Teresa Benza Beaton:

Teresa Benza Beaton is a Special Education teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, Bikram, Restorative, Trauma Informed, and Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga Teacher, Fitness Instructor, Mindfulness and Meditation Coach and an Integrative Health Life Coach. She has worked in education for 15 years. Masters in special education for the last 10 years. Teresa uses her background in special education on how the brain works, behaviors and patterns to analyze behavior to help her life coaching clients see behavioral patterns to change habits to reach their goals.

Teresa has been a Reiki Master Teacher for almost 20 years with two teachers under her lineage. She fell in love with Bikram Yoga, a form of therapeutic/sports injury yoga, while rowing crew in her 20’s. Teresa found the yoga healing for the body and the mind. After her youngest son graduated from high school she sought out certification in yoga as a healing art. Teresa is also the Arizona trainer for a Trauma Informed outreach organization that organizes yoga programs in schools, shelters, foster homes, jails, boys and girls clubs and rehab facilities. This organization helps those that normally would not have yoga in their life see and feel the benefits.

Teresa found meditation about 20 years ago attending a worldwide organization that teaches meditation. She found teaching her special education students’ mindfulness and meditation to change the classroom learning environment into a peaceful retreat where learning was loved. Teresa decided to get her mindfulness certification. She continues teaching meditation and mindfulness in her classroom as well as teaching it at staff meetings, staff developments and Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) meetings. Teresa is part of her school districts Wellness Committee meeting monthly to facilitate health and wellness opportunities throughout the district for district employees. She recently used her summer break to take Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga and Fitness Certification. She has always loved surfing, kayaking, rowing and SUP so she decided to take her love for the water and yoga to combine the two teaching SUP yoga and fitness classes on the board. Teresa is very passionate about holistic healing and integrates all of her experience traveling around the world teaching yoga and her education to give each client the full body and mind connection.

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