The pandemic has impacted everyone however every person has had a different experience of it – all people are affected differently. For some it has been very difficult and for others an opportunity to shift their lives to be more intentional and fulfilling. While the past year has brought both positive and negative aspects, for many the pandemic has brought pandemic exhaustion and burnout that is impacting them daily.

What are the signs of pandemic burnout? Here are a few simple ways to identify exhaustion and burnout that may be negatively impacting your life –

  • Signs of Pandemic Burnout

Sleep issues


Feeling defeated or a lack of caring

Decreased self-care

Decreased emotional wellbeing

Over-indulging in food &/or alcohol

Giving up on safety precautions


Ok, so what if you have identified that you are experiencing pandemic burnout or exhaustion? What now?

First and foremost, give yourself the space to process the impacts and stress that the last year has created. There has been much stress, transition and collective trauma that needs to be grieved and healed.

Here are some tangible steps that you can take to begin the healing process and renew your energy –

  • Tips to help Pandemic burnout

Give yourself permission to get more rest

Treat yourself gently & increase self-care in ways that feel helpful

Practice mindfulness

Get outdoors and move your body

Safe social distancing activities with friends & loved ones

Check in with your internal landscape

Getting support from a mental health practitioner or integrative life coach

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