Natural, Complementary and Alternative Medicine are treatments used along-side of or instead of traditional (mainstream) therapies. Some people also refer to it as “integrative,” or “complementary” medicine. These types of treatments are very effective in treating underlying issues in chronic conditions that traditional medicine is often unable to treat as well as addressing the root cause of illness and disease. Some types of effective alternative therapies include natural doctors, acupuncture, chiropractic, energy therapies, herbal medicine, yoga, massage therapies, and ayurvedic medicine.
We have the following categories available for you to meet with natural, complimentary & alternative doctors or practitioners:

Doctors of Natural & Integrative Medicine
Doctors of Naturopathy
Functional Medical Doctors
Functional Medicine Practitioners
Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture
Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioners
Energy Medicine
Holistic Health Practitioners
Chronic Illness & Disease Coaches

Select the type of service, the type of visit and the practitioner who is the best fit for your needs. We allow you to choose the care option that best fits your needs! With ModiHealth, you are in charge of the care you receive.

Type of Service

We work with an out-of-pocket cash pay model. Typically, insurance does not cover natural, complementary and alternative care. We provide you with a receipt as soon as you book your session. If you require a superbill to submit to your Health Savings Account through your employer for reimbursement, your practitioner can provide you with a superbill once requested and will email it directly to you following your session.


A consult should be selected if you have a simple problem or concern that you need advice for, or it can be selected to determine if a practitioner is the right fit for your care needs. More complex issues that will require you to go through your entire medical history would require a full new patient session to best address your needs.

Follow Up Session

A follow up session should be selected if you have already seen one of our practitioners for care and now you are wanting to follow up with that same practitioner for additional support or guidance.

Full New Patient Visit

This is designed for people who have complex concerns or medical conditions or a number of pre-existing conditions that may weigh into the treatment of your current concern or for those who need to have their full history taken and a care plan created. For those who desire more time, attention and conversation, you can also select this option for follow up sessions in the future as well.