Coaching and more specifically health and specialty coaching, is becoming a very effective part of extending patient care outside of the office. Engaging patients in positive behavior changes can improve their overall health and reduce the amount of medical care they need while also increasing the quality of wellbeing and optimizing their lives. Trained coaches can take on a lot of these responsibilities to advance lifestyle changes, provide nutritional counseling, fitness support, wellness, prevention, stress reduction, mindset and patient health. A coach can bring an extra boost to methods for both prevention and treatment. We have the following categories available for you to meet with a coach, trainer or nutritionist:

Functional Nutrition Coaches
Nutritionists & Dieticians
Weight Loss Coaches
Healing Cooking Coaches
Integrative Wellness & Life Coaches
Health Coaches
Traditional Life Coaches
Personal Trainers & Fitness Instructors
Physical Therapists
Functional Trainers
Yoga Instructors
Pilates Instructor
Kids Yoga
Senior Yoga
Chair Yoga
Therapeutic Yoga
Therapeutic Fitness
Doula, Pre-Natal, Natal & Post-Natal Coaches
Mindfulness & Stress Reduction Coaches
Meditation Instructors

Select the type of service, the type of visit and the practitioner who is the best fit for your needs. We allow you to choose the care option that best fits your needs! With ModiHealth, you are in charge of the care you receive.

Type of Service

Typically, insurance does not cover coaching, nutrition and wellness related care. We provide you with a receipt as soon as you book your session. If you require a superbill to submit to your Health Savings Account through your employer for reimbursement, your practitioner can provide you with a superbill once requested and will email it directly to you following your session.

15-Minute Session

A consult should be selected if you have a simple problem or concern that you need advice for, or it can be selected to determine if a practitioner is the right fit for your care needs. The consult is also a cost-effective way to get the wellness support you need in smaller bite sized pieces if a full session is outside of your budget.

30-Minute Session

This session can also be selected if the support you need will take 30 minutes. This is great for shorter nutrition, coaching or fitness sessions. A full hour is not always needed.

60-Minute/1 Hour Session

This is designed for people who would like a full-60-minute session to address their needs, exercise or get support. For those who desire more time, attention and conversation, you can also select this option for follow up sessions in the future as well.

90-Minute/1 ½ Hour Session

Some practitioners offer a full 90-minute option for those who desire longer sessions of care. This is an excellent option for those who want a full wellness, health or nutrition plan created for them.