Ryan Ng

Health & Wellness Coach

Practitioner Specialty or Specialties: Reiki practitioner and Personal trainer

Practitioner List of Services: Reiki, distance reiki, personal training

Language: English

My mission is to combine the benefits of Reiki and exercise to nurture the body. I started my journey with physical fitness when I was 18 and from there I became fascinated with how the body could adapt and change through exercise. I saw the positive change it made for me physically and mentally. With this experience I wanted to share the knowledge I had gained throughout the years in hopes to educate as many people as I could so that they could change their lives for the better.

As I gained more experience training people I noticed there was a mental component that had to be overcome as well in order for better habits to take place. This is where Reiki came into the picture. I understood that reiki would be very beneficial for people who needed to overcome mental road blocks and in combing the two it would cater to connection of the spirit, mind and body. 3 components that I truly believe go hand in hand.

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