Rosanne Rosenberg, LCSW-C


Rosanne Rosenberg LCSW-C Is a holistic, faith-based, psychotherapist of over thirty years supporting the healing of barriers so that individuals can achieve wholeness of emotions, body, spirit, and relationships in order to fulfill their unique destiny.

In private practice, she provides child, adolescent, adult, couples, and intergenerational therapy.

Rosanne facilitates intensive weekend formats and is a conference speaker on the inner healing of all areas of life. She has provided phone sessions nationally and internationally for many years and continues to provide all services virtually.

As a therapist who focuses on wellness and wholeness, she provides non-invasive lab assessment and natural supplemental rebalancing for individuals who may potentially be experiencing biochemical imbalances and do not want the undesirable effects of psychotropic assessment and treatment for those experiencing depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, ADHD, and other mental health issues.

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