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Disclaimer: This should be used as an educational tool only and should not be taken as medical recommendations. As with all health and wellness choices, always run your results by your doctor or healthcare provider to determine if the steps are right for you.

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  1. I feel confused about how to create a healthy balanced life
  2. I have a chronic illness or disease that impacts my life & health
  3. I am unaware how to increase my health and wellbeing effectively
  4. I do not take consistent actions to increase my health and well-being
  5. I usually do not actively seek out additional ways to get more tools, resources & information to live a healthier life
  6. I need support from a number of different types of experts to solve my health & wellness problems
  7. I need a complete life transformation
  8. I often can’t deal with life and feel like staying in bed
  9. I feel low energy frequently
  10. I know I could be healthier
  11. I am at least 10 pounds overweight
  12. I have a chronic illness, disease or injury
  13. I do not have enough energy
  14. My eating habits are poor
  15. I struggle with negative emotions
  16. I do not have a consistent exercise routine
  17. I constantly feel stressed out or out of balance
  18. I feel good but know there is always room for improvement
  19. I am not happy with my life
  20. I experience poor health
  1. Overeat
  2. Avoid eating
  3. Isolate
  4. Get angry and explode at people
  5. Avoid the conflict
  6. Watch TV or movies
  7. Surf the internet
  8. Shop
  9. Drink alcohol
  10. Do drugs
  11. Avoid my emotions
  12. Play video games or online game
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