Setting up time for yourself can be a challenge when you’re juggling kids, a job, and well, life. As the saying goes, put your own oxygen mask on first. Here are a few self-care activities you can sneak into your day in various increments of time.

1 Minute:

Light a candle, practice Box Breathing, laugh, take Your vitamins, hug somebody, drink a glass of water–These tasks may seem simple but taking just a minute to be in the present and be aware of your mental health can be a great way to manage self-care.

5 Minutes:

Text a loved one, amp up your showering routine, blend a smoothie, listen to your favorite song, sit in the sun, clean something–These extra few minutes gives you a great opportunity to accomplish a meaningful task and check off one of your daily goals for self-care.

10 Minutes:

Play a game, get your heart rate going, do a mini facial, meditate, walk barefoot, write in a journal–These 10 minutes can be a huge step towards addressing some much need R&R when you are navigating a busy workday filled with uncertainty.

30 Minutes:

Do your nails, make yourself a meal, declutter a room, watch something indulgent, take a power nap, read a book for fun–30 minutes may not seem like a lot of time for yourself, but when you are in the grind of making every minute count, don’t lose the opportunity to pamper yourself.

1 hour:

Listen to an inspiring podcast, do an online yoga class, spend time with a friend, bake something delicious, go for a walk–The hour break may seem farfetched, but when it comes along don’t take it for granted. Explore your interests and make sure you have something readily available to accomplish so you feel better about your time off.