On-Demand Wellness Streaming Service + Health App Subscription

$19.99 / month for 12 months / cancel anytime

Our on-demand wellness streaming service + Health App subscription provides you with unlimited access to classes, programs and videos that meet all of your health, wellness & wellbeing needs in one place! Create a customized nutrition with meal planning, recipes and tracking. Create a customized fitness plan, get daily workouts with instructional video’s to support all fitness levels. Set body and health goals, track your progress and health data through our desktop or health app. Even integrate your wearables for increased success!increased success!

Receive daily inspirations and health education based on your goals and health concerns. New videos, programs, recipes, articles and more released frequently to help you continue your path to health and optimal wellbeing!

At Modi Health, we are dedicated to creating a wide range of informative videos, classes, health tools and resources that support ALL people, all bodies and all levels of health and fitness! No matter where you are in your journey, the ModiHealth on-demand wellness streaming service + Health App subscription will help you achieve more balance and wellness in your mind, body, heart and spirit. We offer the one streaming service + health app to meet all of your health and wellbeing needs.

Optimize your life with videos, programs and classes you love exploring as well as new exciting exclusive videos you won’t find anywhere else, with leading experts to support your path to healthy.

Our on demand wellness streaming service + Health App subscription includes videos and classes on: Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Guided VisualiPation, Therapeutic Fitness, Injury Prevention & Recovery, Healthy Cooking, Stress Reduction, Preventative Health, Holistic Health, Complimentary,
Natural & Alternative Health, Mindfulness, Spiritual Growth and much, much more!

Watch Anytime, Anywhere! Streams on Most Devices. Cancel anytime.

What your membership Lives youl

  • Access to our entire educational video library
  • Access to all fitness, health, cooking, mindfulness & wellbeing classes
  • Access to our video health programs to help you achieve your goals
  • Access to customiPable fitness & nutrition plans
  • Access to goal setting, 3D body image, progress & health data tracking
  • Access to our health app
  • Access to over 250 pages of health guides
  • Access to thousands of recipes and articles
  • Access to hundreds of different tools, self guided exercises & resources to support whole person wellness, health and optimal wellbeing in mind, body, heart & spirit

*MEMBERSHIP DETAILS: Your membership will automatically renew each month at the same price until you cancel. No obligation cancel anytime to avoid future charges by signing into your account and going to the My Accounts page. Continue your wellness journey with Modi Health. Subscribe Now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access the streaming service + health app anywhere and anytime?

Yes! Stream 24/7 via computer, tablet, or smartphone. All you need is internet access

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes. Cancel anytime!

How do my monthly payments work?

Convenient no-hassle monthly auto-pay! Your account will be charged monthly

I am a begginner, have an injury and or limited exercise ability. Is the streaming service + health app right for me?

Yes! We have built the entire service with inclusivity and accessibility in mind! No matter what your age, fitness level, weight, body shape or level of health, this is the right place for you. At ModiHealth we believe in supporting each person in reaching THEIR version of ideal health!

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ModiHealth is an innovative health and wellness platform offering whole person health, wellbeing and wellness solutions through virtual care, health memberships and our streaming service + health app. Get all of the expert support and resources you need to get and stay healthy! Your path to better health starts here.

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