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Your program covers 100% of the cost of your first 2 sessions with any of the ModiHealth coaches below. Use your unique Session 1 Coupon Code & Session 2 Coupon Code at checkout to receive 100% off your first two sessions.

After the first 2 sessions, NZTE will pay for 50% of 2 additional coaching sessions and you will pay for 50% at the time of service using your Session 3 Coupon Code and Session 4 Coupon Code with 50% discount at checkout to receive 50% off these sessions. For help at any time, please email us at info@modiht.com 

Below are practitioners that are coaches in the areas above. Click on their name to visit their practitioner page to learn more about them and to book a session.


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For help at any time, please email us at info@modiht.com 

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