Welcome to NZTE’s ModiHealth Corporate Wellness Coaching Program!

Your NZTE coaching benefit covers 100% of the cost of your first coaching session with any of the ModiHealth coaches below. After the first session. NZTE will pay for 80% of any additional coaching sessions and you will pay for 20% at the time of service using your special code.

Below are the types of coaching available to you in this program:

  • Physical Fitness and Nutritional coaches

  • Life Coaches

  • Coaches to focus on building good habits & routine

  • Mindfulness coaches

  • Coaches to help managing family while working from home/ lockdown

  • Grief coaching

  • Parenting

  • Birthing coaches

  • Sober coaches

  • Physical Fitness

  • Nutritional coaches

  • Family & Parenting Coaches to help managing family while working from home/lockdown

  • Stress Management Coaches to support sustainable work/life balance

  • Coaching around career change and restructures

Below are practitioners that are coaches in the areas above. Click on their name to visit their practitioner page to learn more about them and to book a session.

Grief, Trauma & Transition Coaching

Leslie Stevenson
Heather Dempsey
Howard Ray Carter
Kristen Fergason
Jane Johnson Wall
Rebecca Robinson
Pamela Reeves
Lara Mekhitarian
Ginevra Cappiello


Therapeutic Fitness

Jamie Carroll
Melanie Deal
Alexa Wible

Chronic Disease Health Coaching

Dr. Rachel Eva Dew
Dr. Gabe Roberts
Gracienne Jean-Pierre
Kirsten Olshan
Sara Hickson
Garett Larson
Dr. Stephanie Covall


Relationship & marriage coaching

Howard Ray Carter
Jessica Magenheimer


Child & Parenting Coaching

Howard Ray Carter
Kathryn Votapka
Michelle R. DeJesus

Therapeutic Yoga

Christine Tran
Teresa Benza Beaton
Megan Flanigan
Melanie Vincent
Jo Kwong Echard
Melanie Deal
Ginevra Are Cappiello


Pre/ Post Natal Fitness

Alexa Wible

PreNatal Yoga

Marie Guido


Kids Yoga

Amy Riemer


Senior Yoga

Amy Riemer

Personal & Fitness Trainers

Ryan Ng
Jamie Carroll
Kirsten Olshan
Hali Shields
Breezie Jordan
Alisha Molina
Melissa Peterson
Cristen Grajeda
Susan Onofrey
Nina Waldman
Jeremy Olson
Alexa Wible

Physical Therapy

Vanessa Febles
Dr. Cortney Goodstadt
Ginevra Cappiello


Lactation Coaching

Hali Shields


Pilates Coaching

Nina Waldman

Wellness Coaching

Whitney Bean


Doula, Pregnancy, and Post-Naal Coaching

Whitney Bean
Hali Shields


Healthy Cooking Coaching

Alexander Krestin


Occupational Therapy

Keyjonn Velazquez
Dr. Elizabeth Jennings
Michelle R. DeJesus
Sangeeta Kirtikar


Senior Fitness Training

Nina Waldman


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