Nina Waldman

Life Coach & Pilates Instructor

Creator of the On-Demand workout program “Bootylates”, Nina Waldman is a Life Coach and Pilates Trainer that has spent her career combining her love for fitness with her drive for results. Nina has been instructing for 20+ years holding certifications in 3 different methodologies of Pilates. Also certified in: Pilates for Kidz, Pre/Post natal Pilates, Bootylates, Indoor-Cycling and she is a 3x fitness competitor.

In addition to developing and creating Bootylates, Nina has a highly-coveted pilates studio in the heart of Las Vegas and caters to private clients and celebrities. When clients can’t book with her she reminds them to do Bootylates on-demand because it is not just a workout, but an experience for your body, mind and for a fit lifestyle.

As an overweight youth, Nina desired to be athletic and physically fit. She trained herself and changed herself. After trying Pilates for the first time, the rest was history! She was so impressed by the results and how good it made her body feel, she knew I wanted to teach this method. Her passion continued to grow after working with so many different body types and seeing them all make improvements: pregnancies, children, athletes of all ages, cancer survivors, the elderly and even people suffering from anxiety and depression. When instructing clients, Nina relays the importance of focusing on more than just the physical. Life Coaching techniques help clients find balance between their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

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