Melissa Peterson

Quality of Life Health and Wellness Coach

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About Melissa Peterson:

Melissa Peterson is an accredited Life & Wellness Coach with an emphasis on Neuro-linguistic healing. She approaches wellness from a holistic mindset and promotes the view that all areas in our life are interconnected. If one area is out of balance, then most likely other areas are suffering too. If we only address the symptomatic issues of our hurt, it is difficult to achieve lasting change.

Melissa is an authorized a financial educator, certified as a Neuro-Linguistic Master Practitioner, and is a licensed Zumba/Zumbini instructor. She is also the founding member of Project Daily Bliss, a privately-owned health and wellness group that delivers wellness tools, products, and education. In addition to her coaching practice, Melissa has served as coach and trainer for various organizations over the years. But she is most proud to call herself a Mom and doting Grandmother.

Melissa’s life goal is to help people build the kind of life they truly want to live. By working with Melissa, you will be partnering with a trusted advisor and guide. Together, you’ll work with Melissa to ask tough questions, identify limiting behavior, and move away from status-quo. Melissa believes that we have the power to excel in all aspects of life, and she uses this absolute truth to craft exceptional life strategies for her clients.

“My wish is for you is to experience the joy of a constant and never-ending journey toward more health, more wealth, & more peace of mind.

~ Melissa”

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