Marie Guido

Certified Health Coach, Certified Yoga Teacher

Practitioner Specialty or Specialties: Yoga, Meditation, Stress Reduction, Detox

It’s time to navigate the “New Normal”. As a Certified Health Coach and Yoga Instructor with a background in the hotel industry, Marie has learned how to be creative and her passion is guiding you to do the same. The best way to bring focus and clarity to your plans is through yoga and meditation.

After going through a stressful experience and moving from New York to Florida, she knew she needed to make a change to improve her health and well-being. She became certified as a Yoga Teacher in 2007 and began teaching clients, eventually partnering with large businesses and hotels, developing corporate wellness and fitness programs. Marie later received her Health Coach Certification in 2012 and combined fitness and wellness classes. Marie also holds her B.S. Degree from the New York Institute of Technology.

Marie is focused on helping people create balance through yoga, meditation, and wellness programs. The result is reduced stress and fatigue, decreased health problems, enhanced energy, and more improved relationships. 2021 is about learning how to pivot and evolve. Now, more than ever, preventative wellness is critical to be able to have an immune system that is strong and healthy.

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