With the coronavirus pandemic, our kids spend an awful lot of time sitting in class, stuck in front of the television and using whatever device they can get their hands on to alleviate the boredom. However, their bodies still require physical activity to engage their motor skills and develop their heart, lungs and muscles. By shifting the way we think about exercise as running laps or lifting weights we can develop an active lifestyle which is a lot easier to fit in than you think. Check out these tips to incorporate into your routine and encourage exercise with your kids.

  1. Pre/Post Dinner Walks- Try incorporating a daily walk into your schedule. By creating a consistent walking schedule your child is guaranteed time off-screen and you can make it interesting by making it a game, i.e. at this house we look for how many flowers are on the porch or what kind of dogs live at this house
  2. Dance Party- Move the furniture aside, load up your favorite dance music and let the kids boogie! This is a great way to not only embrace the culture of music but also create a fun way to get up and get moving.
  3. Chores to the Rescue!- Try making household chores into games. Captain (insert your childs name) is saving the earth from the villainous toys of destruction is a sure fire way to keep a clean house and keep your children active.
  4. Sneaky Workouts- By slipping in moments of exercise, such as taking the stairs instead of an elevator or walking throughout the store instead of riding in the cart you can get your children to move when they’re typically stationary
  5. Commercial Fitness Breaks- When your favorite family sitcom is on pause, use these opportunities to have fun fitness breaks such as squatting or doing sit-ups. Constant stimulation is what they want and this is an easy way to deliver.
  6. Weekly Sports Night- Find your childs’ favorite game and implement fitness around it. For example, in Uno instead of a draw-two card make it into doing 2 push ups or 2 laps around the living room
  7. Walk for Charity- By teaching our children to exercise for a cause, we kill two birds with a single stone. You can show them the people they are helping and that is normally a great motivator to get kids up and moving with a purpose.
  8. Yardwork- This carries benefits throughout the year, make a game out of catching the leaves on a windy day or clearing up snow on the porch.
  9. Gardening- Kids inherently love dirt, by teaching them about the fruits of their labor and allowing them to participate you create an outdoors activity that stimulates their eating, exercise and understanding of the world around them
  10. Walking the Dog- Research shows that dog-owners have a better time losing weight and keeping it off when they incorporate their pups in the experience.

These tips are a great start to getting your child up and moving in these times where the world seems to be against physical exercise. If you need assistance in building a routine or want support in managing your fitness goals, see how the ModiHealth kids and family fitness coaches can help. Click HERE