Maggie Ruszczyk

Health & Wellness Coach

Service: Fertility Coaching, Stress Management, Emotional Support, Developing Healthy Habits, Planning and Organizing, Mindfulness Meditation

Languages: Polish and English

I am a health and wellness coach who enjoys working with women who are trying to conceive and working professionals. Both types of women have two things in common:

  • A dream…The dream of starting a family; and, the dream of having a successful career.
  • …It is stressful trying to conceive (especially when it’s not going as planned); and, stress is inevitable while trying to build a career.

I have been down both roads and understand the strength and courage it takes to go down each path. As someone who has been going through the infertility journey, I understand what it’s like to feel alone and powerless. I am here to help you navigate through the stress, the heavy emotions, and the pain of disappointment. ​​

Prior to becoming a coach, I worked in the corporate environment for 20 years across different industries in multiple states/countries. I have learned a lot, am grateful for the lessons learned; however, ultimately, I was not personally fulfilled. Work-related stress took a toll on my health and after months of recovering and soul searching, I chose to leave my job.

I understand the physical, mental, and emotional challenges of trying to start a family and work-related stress, and became a health and wellness coach in order to help women find balance, so you may live a healthier and happier life. I hope to support you on your journey.

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