Welcome to your virtual office. We are here to support you with your telemedicine/telehealth business. Within this course we will provide simple ‘how to’ video’s and instructional information to make your online sessions and use of the platform run smoothly. Please be sure to view all videos, download the documents, take not of the support instructions and links provided as well as upload the required information in order for our team to ensure that your virtual office is always up-to-date with the correct information for your patients and clients.

Your first step is to download the release form HERE

Please read, sign, and then upload it in the uploads area once completed.

We also provide the practitioners in our network the ability to place a FREE educational advertisement within our streaming health membership service. This gives you the ability to get in front of potential new patients/clients, establish trust and provide support. This is not a typical ad, in this 20-40 minute education video you will provide tangible support through educating on a subject and sharing tools or information that are within your field of specialty. To download the guidelines for creating your video click Practitioner Video Specifications