Leslie Stevenson

Grief, couples, relationship issues, anxiety, career, family, trauma

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Provided Services:

  • counseling
  • energy work



About Leslie Stevenson:

Leslie is a skilled Seer and offers consultations and guidance on your next steps in this path of life. She holds a sacred place for you to heal, grow, and express yourself. Deepen your authenticity. She coaches you to your highest potential and is excited to be a part of your journey!

She brings a wealth of offerings to your healing journey. She specializes in self care, romantic relationships, artists, healers, and life purpose. She guides her clients in unique ways to become their authentic self. Reiki energy can be relaxing, balancing, grounding. Reiki brings clarity to the body/mind/spirit connection. Trauma and memory are stored in the physical. Energy work can release what is holding you back from becoming your healthiest self.

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