Kristen Fergason

Wellness, Life, Health & Therapeutic

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Provided Services:

  • Integrative Life Coaching
  • Family & Relationship Coaching
  • Career & Performance Coaching
  • Health & Wellness Coaching
  • Transition & Spiritual Life Coaching
  • Nutrition Coaching – portion control
  • balanced nutrition
  • clean eating
  • emotional eating
  • Meditation
  • Emotional Clearing Method (for releasing stuck trauma
  • negative emotions and limiting beliefs)

About Kristen Fergason:

Hello! I’m Kristen, a Masters Integrative Life Coach. Life coaching is the most rewarding job title that I have ever held in my professional life. When I see people discover what’s holding them back, make a plan to overcome their obstacles, and then take intentional action to change their trajectory and life, it fills me with pure joy.

It was through the process of becoming a certified coach that I transformed my own life and left behind my 20-year career of leading, coaching, and mentoring teams and individuals as a marketer in the ever-changing field of digital entertainment.

Until then, I hadn’t understood how stressed and burned out I was living in NYC, spending unnecessary money, and missing important family time. It was time for sweeping changes, and I dove happily into the process of realigning my work life and home life with my own personal values. Now you can find me on the beach with my husband and 2 girls, living a present and soul-fulfilling life, taking things one day at a time.

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