Kirsten Olshan

Health & Wellness Coach

Practitioner List of Services: Motivational Coaching for Athletes (60 min or 90 min only) 15min Consultations, Chronic Disease Health Coaching, Movement Therapist, Health and Wellness Coach Personal Training, Yoga and Pilates Sessions, Meditation Coaching, Nutrition Coaching, Cancer Advocate 15min Consultation

Kirsten is a certified Health and Wellness Coach. Her focus is on the psychology of human performance, in particular, professions that demand excellence; performing arts, dancers, athletes, coaches, doctors, executives, sports coaches and business professionals. Kirsten also is passionate about addressing work environments in which teamwork and motivation are important to human performance. Kirsten battled two Chronic illnesses, Endocarditis which left her with a compromised heart valve. In 2018 was diagnosed with breast cancer. Kirsten experienced loss of her physical abilities and faced challenges of adapting to a new way of life as a recreational and competitive athlete. Kirsten Resilience led her to research and focus on how participation in sports and physical activity can improve long-term health, both physically and mentally. She believes physical activity can provide another dimension for all ages and all levels of fitness. She is focused on holistic athlete health management.

Kirsten work has included teaching yoga, pilates and many high intensity fitness classes such as cycle classes, TRX and HiTT Classes for over 20 years. A Pilates and fitness Educator for 25 years. A personal Trainer and Pilates one on one consultant. She has designed and implemented programs for some of the top health clubs in the country. Started her own business called Healthy Steps which is peer to peer sports mentoring for school age children, teens and college students. She earned her Master’s in Exercise Science, Health Promotion with a focus in Sports Physiology and Nutrition from California University Pennsylvania. Kirsten has worked with athletes, professional athletes, coaches, executives, business professionals and high-profile performing artists.

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