Keyjonn Velazquez

Occupational therapist, OT/ Health / Balance Coach, and Relationship Coach

Practitioner specialty or specialties: Occupational Therapist and Relationship Harmonizing Coach, Self-leveling Coach, Balance Coach

Keyjonn is the sole owner and founder of Purple lotus Coaching Services and Innovative Occupational Therapy. She graduated from The University of Central Arkansas with a master’s in science with an emphasis on Occupational Therapy in 2006. Keyjonn’s professional background includes her success as a pediatric occupational therapist for over ten years. Initially working with children by performing in-school treatment services, she moved on to traveling throughout the United States treating and serving clients of various ages with various diagnoses while also studying and obtaining additional occupational therapy licenses in various states.

She has worked as a behavioral therapist under the supervision of trained and board-certified behavioral therapists as part of the BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Therapist) as part of the program while taking courses at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She, later on, attended the IWA coaching program where she gained increased insight to assist her clients from a holistic approach guiding them through building relationships with themselves, helping them organize their life, manage stress, and build coping skills, etc. This also added value to her coaching clients through self-care routines, dressing skills, Physician protocol following, and feeding skills using a coaching format.

The experience Ms. Keyjonn has gained during her occupational therapy / Coaching career provides her with tremendous insight and knowledge of various disabilities and diagnoses. She consulted, assessed, and treated a wide variety of clients and cases in nursing homes, schools, hospitals, and private homes in addition to orthopedic and mental health institutions. With such specialized and defined skills and experience under her belt, Keyjonn is able to leverage her passion for equipping clients with skills needed to be successful in their environments by managing and sharing business vision and strategy as the owner and lead practicing member of Purple Lotus Coaching services and Innovative Occupational Therapy.

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