Kathryn Votapka

Life Coach

Practitioner List of Services: One on One Life Coaching for teens and adults, One on One coaching for parents, Family coaching, Split coaching sessions (half session with child, half session with parent)

Practitioner Specialty or Specialties: Family Coaching, Coaching for Teens, Parenting Coach, Special needs coach, and Child specialist

Language: English

Kathryn Votapka is a child specialist, and an IWA, Integrative Wellness and Life Coach. She is a certified coach with the Integrative Wellness Academy as well as a performing artist with The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City. She also studied and trained in the “I Can Problem Solve” program, a social and emotional learning curriculum created by Dr. Myrna Shure of Drexel University.

Kathryn has attained over 15 years of experience working with kids to achieve personal development and professional growth. In the last five years, she has been working closely with both children and parents to help build a secure connection. By using her unique skills in language and communication, she has had the opportunity to coach several families and rekindle their relationships.

She has extensive training in coaching kids with special needs as well as teens coping with anxiety, depression, ADHD, and disorders. She helps them balance all areas of their life through their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual body systems while guiding them into a brighter future.

Kathryn’s success with her clients comes from her ability to create positivity and humor within each session. Her creativity, storytelling, and animation is what keeps her clients captivated and eager to learn more and stay motivated. Most importantly, her knowledge of language and communication will transform the most difficult conversations into peaceful dialogues. She believes that the home is where you should feel love, respect, and positivity, and her mission is to help you achieve that.

When working together, we’ll agree on the best approach to achieving your desired outcome. It may not always be the most comfortable path, but it will always be the most effective. Once you determine the steps necessary, we’ll create an action graph to help provide clarity in reaching your goals.

She is currently residing in the NYC area, pursuing her MFA at the New School, and writing a guidebook for new parents.

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