Julie Auman

Wellness Coach

Services: Reiki, Wellness Coaching, Spiritual Life Coach

Language: English

After facing her own personal health and wellness challenges, Julie decided to empower herself through research and trying new, holistic options available to support her healing and wellness. She made significant changes to her diet, began a mindfulness practice, and learned to listen to her body, mind, and spirit for guidance, noticing positive changes in not only her health but also in all aspects of her life.

Julie then decided to take the steps to become a Certified Holistic Health Coach with the goal of educating and empowering clients on their own personal wellness journey.  Over time, she expanded her professional development, becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher and Spiritual Life Coach after experiencing the positive changes these modalities also brought into her life. Julie now offers Wellness Coaching, Spiritual Life Coaching, and Reiki to empower and support clients who have been struggling with wellness and life challenges but have just not found what truly works for them. She provides clients with the knowledge and support around diet, mindfulness, energy healing, as well as learning to listen to their inner self to heal, grow and live their best life.

Whether you are facing specific health issues, just want to feel better overall, or are looking to improve your lifestyle to support health and wellness, Julie will create a wellness plan to support your individual goals allowing you to take control of your life and feel your best.

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