Jessica Magenheimer, LMFT

Licensed Psychotherapist 

Practitioner List of Services: Individual adult psychotherapy, coaching, group therapy

Practitioner Specialty or Specialties: Highly Sensitive People, recovering perfectionists & people-pleasers, anxiety, relationship difficulties, DBT

If your life had a resumé, “chameleon” would be at the top. You’re so good at figuring out others’ needs, they’d never suspect that you have them too. If you were honest with yourself, though, you’d admit how stressful it is to live for other people. You’re terrified you’ll lose relationships if you speak up or say no. Your energy is drained or you feel resentful. You’re exhausted from wondering if others like you or approve of you. If you make choices that disappoint others, you feel guilty and selfish. Your whole identity is about pleasing others, & you want to feel comfortable being your authentic self, but you have no idea how.

If this sounds like you, I’ve got you! We’ll shift your story so you’ll see your sensitivity to others as a strength. You’ll be a boundaries badass who feels confident with your decisions. You’ll take your perfectionism head on and feel able to live in the present. And you’ll have action steps that feel good, because they’re finally in line with YOUR goals.

I specialize in treating Highly Sensitive People and recovering perfectionists & people-pleasers, but have also worked with clients with a variety of treatment concerns.  I utilize a collaborative, warm approach, and like to keep it real, authentic, and genuine with my clients.  Together, we’ll draw upon multiple treatment approaches to identify your patterns, see how they may or may not be working for you, and make adjustments so that you can have your version of a thriving life!

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