Jamie Carroll

Integrative Wellness Coach

Practitioner List of Services: Reiki, Meditation, Life & Sober Coaching, Health Coaching, Pre/ Post-rehab exercise, Fitness training, Astrology Birth Chart Readings,

Practitioner Specialty or Specialties: Functional Medicine Health Coaching, Life Coaching, Sober Coaching, Reiki & Fitness.

Jamie works as an Integrative Wellness Coach helping people who struggle with mental health & addiction. She educates on root cause wellness through Functional Medicine Health Coaching, Life Coaching, and Movement. She inspires you to take back control of your life by understanding your life path through your birth chart and she empowers you to live life on purpose and with intention through Reiki & Meditation.

As someone who has struggled through the challenges of depression, anxiety, addiction, fatigue, and high levels of stress, Jamie understands when you are living a less-than-desirable life and knows how to partner with you to develop a love for YOUR life and a PASSION for the future.

Through nutrition, movement, and energy-based modalities, she collaborates with clients who suffer from the effects of disease in the body and mind. Jamie specializes in working with those who are READY for a functional approach in discovering the root cause of their challenges.

By working with Jamie, you will understand the foods and supplements that work for your unique body, how to harness your energy for positive outcomes and methods for helping you take back control of your life.

“Healing is not a diagnosis, it is a journey. One I invite you to take with me as your guide. To walk alongside you and support you as you move from feeling “fine” to feeling FANTASTIC.” – Jamie

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