Irene Bacus

Life Coaching, Health and Wellness, Life Change and Transition Coaching, Therapeutic coaching

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Provided Services:

  • One to one coaching following a process from goal identification/clarification to achieving desired results
  • while honoring the client’s unique strengths and individual needs

About Irene Bacus:

Life is a great teacher when we allow ourselves to be curious and open to its lessons.

With her own experience of significant losses and life changes, Irene found herself in an ongoing journey from resistance towards acceptance, from painful grieving to allowing, from self-doubt towards honoring, from a place of endless distraction towards focus and calm.

Irene encountered many teachers on the path, bringing together techniques, skills, and the power of inner work to effect significant change. Her journey and her experience in guiding patients re-discover and use their inner strengths to move toward wellness and self-empowerment have led Irene to the more in-depth exploration of the healing and transformative power of inner work.

Irene got herself certified as an Integrative Wellness and Life coach. She believes that when people reconnect with their unique gifts and strengths, discover ways to use them, and find ways to maintain balance in their lives, any experience of pain, “dis-ease”, grief, doubt, and fear can become pathways to transformation.

When you are ready to re-discover your gifts, start anew, and engage fully in life amidst pain, grief, overwhelm, doubts, and fear, schedule a session with Irene. Allow space for yourself to be heard and supported in your journey towards healing, fully showing up for your life in ways that feel authentic to you.

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