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For Patients

Do you need to see a doctor but can’t make it to an office? We offer on-demand care, virtual doctor visits, and one-on-one coaching sessions on our ModiCare Platform.

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Do you struggle to find time to go to the gym and want a solution you can access anywhere? We offer virtual memberships to access all online programs on our ModiWell Platform, including health programs, wellness programs, fitness programs, nutrition programs, and coaching programs.

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For Companies

Can corporate wellness programs help companies reduce out-of-control health care costs? The answer, most emphatically, is yes.

ModiHealth corporate wellness memberships can help you lower employee health care costs. You will be amazed. These programs may also be implemented by groups such as associations, schools, organizations, unions, doctor or therapist practices, hospitals and rehab centers.

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For Providers

Are you frustrated with overhead, endless hours and limited access to patients? Modi is your answer. We offer practitioner memberships that allow you to join our Modi practitioner network, provide your services and do so virtually through the Modi Care platform.

Offer your patients the additional health support and prevention needs that you recommend without having to provide the services yourself and get paid for it!

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ModiHealth is an innovative health and wellness platform offering whole person health, wellbeing and wellness solutions through virtual care, health memberships and our streaming service + health app. Get all of the expert support and resources you need to get and stay healthy! Your path to better health starts here.

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