Heather Tesch

Functional Medicine Consultant

Practitioner Specialty or Specialties: Functional Medicine Consulting, Energy Medicine, Life coaching

Practitioner List of Services: Functional Medicine Consulting, Level 1 Reiki

Heather Tesch is the founder of Heather Tesch, LLC Functional Medicine Health Coaching where she focuses on educating clients on ways to optimize their health by looking at the interconnectedness of the body and life systems. Her training in applied Functional Medicine allows her to become the health version of her favorite childhood detective “Nancy Drew.” With her detective hat on, she can dig deep with her clients, looking for root causes of disease so they can create true transformation in their life.

Her background is quite diverse! Originally going to college for wellness, she shifted her path towards a BS in interior design, which ironically her favorite aspect of the design was mapping out the most functional use of space (similar to FM)! She has an M.S. in Change Leadership and certifications through the Coaches Training Institute, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Level 1 Reiki certificate, and is currently working towards her “degree” in Functional Medicine through the School of Applied Functional Medicine.

Heather believes that each person’s body and life are uniquely beautiful and thus the healing approach for them should be personalized and tailored to their needs. This is one of the foundational aspects of her coaching and has been evidenced through her 3 years of coaching through Omada Health. Heather’s clients have been able to come off medicines, reverse dis-ease dynamics, regain their vitality, and optimize their health and life. She works with clients throughout the country, both in person and virtually!

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