February is Heart Health month and in preparation we wanted to share some simple ways to increase your heart health!

Shifting your focus to improving the following areas will significantly impact your heart in positive ways:

1. Exercise – Moving your body consistently with daily cardiovascular exercise has a major positive impact on your heart. Consider walking, knee raises, jogging, bike riding, working out with a ModiHealth trainer or joining our Health Streaming Service for customized fitness programs and instructions.

2. Reducing Stress – Reducing the stress that you have in your life as well as learning tools or getting support to increase your capacity to deal with life’s unavoidable stressors increases not only heart health but increases overall health as well.

3. Regular Check-ups – Be sure to get regular check ups from your primary care doctor AND a functional medicine practitioner (both are available on the ModiHealth platform) to make sure that you know where your current heart health is and the specific support your body needs.

4. Nutrition – A great way to kick off Heart Health Month is by swapping some of your snacks with a healthier alternative. With the Super Bowl just a few weeks out, keep these snack substitutions in mind when planning your game day:
• Substituting regular fried tortilla chips with baked tortilla chips when building your game day nachos
• Ordering veggie style pizza instead of the meat lovers and get the salad, not the wings as a side.
• Sour cream is a great alternative to low-fat Greek yogurt.
• Ground turkey can be seasoned and prepared the same as beef without the same fat content and fewer calories.
Even the little steps matter. If you are having family or friends over for the big game, studies show that the portions of your dishes will determine the amount your guests consume. Smaller portions, smaller appetites.