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Experience personalized whole person health and wellness care that gets to the root cause of your symptoms and provides you with an integrative and holistic solution to get and stay healthy. Your journey to better health begins now!


Gain piece of mind knowing you have a full care team collaborating and supporting you whenever and wherever you need


Unlock every aspect of our popular streaming service + health app to gain unlimted access to our full library of industry expert-led classes, customizable fitness & nutrition plans, health app and goal tracking and videos


Explore all of our online wellness programs from nutrition to stress management and mindfulness

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Whole Person Health & Wellness Care made easy!

Through this membership, get the ongoing care and support you need, designed to help you achieve your best possible health. Discover customizable health and wellness support tailored to suit every aspect of your journey, including expert support. Enjoy a monthly all-access pass to our entire collection of industry expert-led classes within our on-demand wellness streaming service + health app AND our entire growing library of targeted wellness programs, along with expert support through secured telehealth virtual sessions, valuable online tools and resources to support your success every step of the way with our extensive tools and customizable wellness plans in the ModiHealth Wellness Streaming Service + Health App

  • 12 months of virtual care! (for 6-month memberships your sessions are ½)
  • Intake & assessment
  • 2 virtual visits with your holistic doctor or functional medicine practitioner*
  • 2 virtual visits with your health coach*
  • 2 virtual visits with your functional fitness coach trainer*
  • 2 virtual visits with your life coach*
  • Ongoing support through messaging with your care team
  • Care team collaboration for whole person care approach to your health needs

*For 6 month memberships your virtual sessions will be 1


On-Demand Wellness Streaming Service + Health App – Unlimited Access

Access our full library of industry expert led classes and videos. Get customizable fitness and nutrition plans to help you achieve your goals, including recipes, goal setting, health data tracking and our health app. Discover the latest in whole person health and wellness approaches, education and classes, including:

  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Bootcamps
  • Meditation
  • Guided Visualization
  • Stress Reduction
  • Mindfulness
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Injury Prevention/ Recovery
  • Healthy Cooking
  • Therapeutic Fitness
  • Natural and Alternative Health
  • Preventative Health
  • Functional Fitness
  • Personal Development
  • Personalized and Individualized User Page
  • Customized to User’s Goals & Needs
  • Online Workout Plans, Nutrition, Education, and More
  • One-on-One Coaching Connection (Medical/Coach/Trainer, etc.)
  • Health Risk Assessment Testing (Evaluation & Reporting)
  • Goal-Oriented Fitness Challenges (per Individual and Group)
  • Personal Health Record
  • 3D Weight Loss (Before & After Morphing App.)
  • Wearable integration: Fitbit, Garmin, and MyZone (Others coming soon)
  • Corporate Wellness tools
  • Disease Management
  • Blood Panel & Genetic / DNA testing Integration
  • Personalized nutrition plans
  • Meals that the user will enjoy (as much as the body will)
  • Access to over 3,600 meals in many different ethnicities, as well as a variety of protein sources to allow our users to select the flavors and spices they enjoy in health-based recipes.
  • DNA based Nutrition: If the user has DNA test completed
  • ONLY the exact plan that matches their genetic profile will show up in your account


Access to ALL the ModiHealth programs

ModiHealth programs help support users by providing the education as well as builds a definitive path to achieving specific health goals by step by step content and actionable steps. We are constantly adding to our library of programs to support the success you experience!. Additional programs are in development support Whole Person Care Memberships that we will be rolling out to support specific disease states in the future.

  • Whole Person Wellness & Detox Program
  • Stress Reduction Program
  • Mindfulness Program
  • Nutrition Program
  • Transform 12 Week Program
  • Best Life Program
  • Stream 24/7 via computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • Start, stop, or repeat any class or program, anytime
  • Get exclusive access to personalized nutrition plans, calendars, and health guides to support your unique goals
  • Enjoy unrestricted access to our constantly expanding collection of online programs designed to offer in-depth guidance on a variety of specific health and wellness topics
  • Convenient no-hassle monthly auto-pay
  • Enjoy new content added monthly!
  • Easy care team messaging
  • Entire care team communication to ensure optimized whole person care


Get every aspect of your care covered with one simple membership.


ModiHealth is an innovative health and wellness platform offering whole person health, wellbeing and wellness solutions through virtual care, health memberships and our streaming service + health app. Get all of the expert support and resources you need to get and stay healthy! Your path to better health starts here.

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