Ginevra Are Cappiello

Holistic Counseling – Wellness Coaching – Expressive Arts facilitation – Yoga teaching

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Provided Services:

  • yoga classes (group or 1:1)
  • counseling and coaching services (1:1)
  • group counseling
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) sessions
  • workshops and classes on psycho-educational and wellness topics


Italian, English, proficient Spanish

About Ginevra Are Cappiello:

Begin your journey towards belonging to your body, your heart, and the Universe around you!

My name is Ginevra Are Cappiello, and I am originally from Italy, from the beautiful and ancient island of Sardinia. I now live in Venice Beach, CA, where I have my coaching and counseling practice. I am a Holistic Counselor and a Certified Integrative Wellness Life Coach, along with being certified as a Social-Emotional Expressive Arts Facilitator and 200 hrs. Yoga Teacher.

My mission in life is to share with others the tools and knowledge I have accumulated over more than 13 years of personal and professional study, in the hope they can serve others as much as they have served me. I love helping people rebalance their sense of well-being, conscious lifestyle, and grounding practices. Some of the topics I coach people on are: Somatic Psychotherapy (including trauma work), Dance and Embodiment movement, Ayurveda and Herbalism, Mindfulness-Based Counseling, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Breathwork, Meditation, Kundalini and Tantric practices, along with utilizing Expressive Arts to help people process and release challenging emotions. I also feel called to live a life aligned with the cycles of Nature (Seasons, Moon cycles) and of the Body (Seasons of Life, menstrual cycles).

Come work with me, I will be your biggest supporter as you develop a connection with your own heart, your body, your communities, your higher purpose, and the Universe.

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