Elaine Ng

Reiki Master

Practitioner List of Services: Distance Reiki

Practitioner Specialty or Specialties: Distance Reiki

I have been blessed with a life journey that has revealed my purpose in life: to help others heal and awaken their own personal transformations through Reiki. Over time, as I grow and expand in this practice, I no longer need to physically be in the same shared space as the recipient. Although distance Reiki work may appear simple on the surface as I sit in meditative silence, the effects of the healing energy are often felt and are quite powerful for the recipient.

Physical, mental, and emotional discomforts that are usually expressed through our bodies are energy blockages and stagnation. They show up in a wide range of aches and pains from muscle spasms, headaches, heartaches, self doubt, fear, anger, anxieties, to name a few. My specialty resides in getting to the root cause of these symptomatic pains and heal you from the source at all levels.

I believe true alignment of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves are key to healing and revealing the path to who we are at our best. My mission is to help you achieve this. Not just feel better, but to believe and know it within yourself as truth. I am passionate about this work because I believe in the power of the healing energy, as it has changed and enriched my own life for the better. As a result, I am more aware, more conscious, confident, less stressed and I feel the infinite connection to universal love and expansion at a higher level.

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