Dr. Stephanie Covall

Integrative Health Coach

Practitioner Specialty or Specialties: Transforming behavioral Health of clients with chronic health conditions, partnering with clients to overcome challenging life crises, events, or transitions. More specifically, Dr. Covall focuses on family healthy lifestyle, clients with cardiac risk factors, and women’s health.

Practitioner List of Services: Integrative health coaching, individual health and wellness coaching, group coaching, mindfulness, CBT, public speaking, lunch and learns.

Dr. Covall’s passion and purpose are helping people enjoy life with optimal health! With her training as a Duke certified Integrative Health Coach, a Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, a PhD in Behavioral Neurosciences, and MA in Clinical Psychology, Dr. Covall is uniquely skilled as a behavior change expert. Dr. Covall partners with her clients to transform aspects of their lifestyle – sleep, nutrition, exercise, mind-body connection, time spent outside, relationships, personal and professional development, and spirituality – to have a profoundly positive and measurable impact on health and wellness. Through a process of deep listening and inquiry, she helps clients identify, plan, and implement a behavioral change progression. This process enables clients to achieve and sustain their unique health and specific wellness goals for living their optimal life. Based on positive psychology, each step is designed to be highly doable and the experience itself is personally rewarding.

Previous careers include over 15 years in neurobehavioral research, co-facilitating support groups with expectant and new mothers, and conducting psychoeducational groups for new parents. Dr. Covall’s extensive experience working with brain and behavior relationships and studies in clinical psychology culminate in a unique ability to assist clients in realizing their optimal health.

Dr. Covall graduated from McGill University with a BSc in Psychology, Georgia School of Professional Psychology with a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology, and Boston University School of Medicine with a Doctorate in Philosophy in Behavioral Neurosciences, and most recently completed Duke Certification in Integrative Health Coaching.

Whether you have long-standing or newly diagnosed high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, an elevated BMI, or feeling overwhelmed by stress in your current daily life, a session with Dr. Covall can help you take charge of your health through a series of incremental changes to your daily routines leading to a total health and wellness transformation.

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