Dr. Nicole Wade

Family Medicine Physician

My official training started with medical school in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains at Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine. Though in reality, I have been learning about health and wellness my entire life from my family and community. Being a Family Medicine physician encompasses the entire family with any medical, physical, emotional, biological, and pharmaceutical concerns. As a medical advisor, I hope to help my patients make the best choice after learning all they can about their health and options. As an advocate for the patient, I have had the most enjoyment while partnering with the patient to help them gain success in their health goals.

Doing my internship year in Wichita, Kansas allowed me to connect with the patients as their provider while gaining more perspective on their needs. My residency through the University of Wisconsin, Wausau Family Medicine cemented the concepts of total family care. Working with the residents after graduation allowed me to teach as I took care of patients on the medical, surgical, obstetrics, pediatric, and neonatal units of the hospital. Family brought me back to Ohio where I worked in the clinic and urgent care setting for years before transitioning to traveling positions in Arizona, Hawaii, Alaska, New Mexico, and even back to my old stomping grounds of Wisconsin. The travel provides the same excitement and variety as Family Medicine. I love to learn about new places, people, cultures, and the changing medical environment. No matter where I go, the priority stays the same- the patient. Now through ModiHealth, I hope to partner with a new group of patients to help them reach their goals of health and wellness.

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Note: Dr. Wade is licensed in Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, Ohio, Washington, and Wisconsin and is only able to see patients in those states.

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