Dr. Natascha Hebell-Fernando, IMD, DHS, PhD

Doctor of Integrative Medicine

Practitioner Specialty or Specialties: Stress Management, Grief and Loss Management, Burnout Prevention and Recovery, Infertility and Unintended Childlessness Coaching

Practitioner List of Services: Reiki, Holistic Health

Dr. Hebell-Fernando, PhD began her education with extensive study in molecular biology before receiving an MBA from Clemson University. During her work as a DNA researcher, she observed the very real need for uncovering the root cause of illness and working with the body’s wisdom to promote healing.

This observation became the foundation for her love of healing modalities found in Reiki, functional nutrition, and East-Asian medicine.

A lifelong learner, she completed her Integrative Medicine Doctor (BOIM) and Doctor of Humanitarian Services from the World Organization of Natural Medicine.

Her special gift is that she connects with her clients on deep and intuitive levels while supporting them with traditional self-care tools and whole-food strategies.

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