Dr. Elizabeth Jennings

Personal and Professional Development and Growth Coach-Life, Executive, and Corporate Coaching

Practitioner Specialty or Specialties:
Integrative Wellness and Health Promotion Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, Organizational Development Coaching, Personal Life Enrichment Coaching, Program and Curriculum Development, Mental Health Advocate, Personal and Professional Growth and Development Coaching, Career coaching, Certified Executive and Organizational Development Leadership coach

Practitioner List of Services:
Equity Coaching, Integrative Wellness Life Coaching, Corporate Coaching, Client or Employee centered, Business Coaching, Work-Life – Health balance coaching, Mindfulness coaching, Empowerment Coaching, Kid and Teen Coaching, Veteran Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Time management, Goal setting

I became a Personal and Professional Growth and Development Coach because I want to help individuals who struggle with balancing life roles of work, family, and personal health and well-being to find success within each of these roles while achieving continual growth and advancement in both their personal and professional areas to simultaneously accomplish their life goals, dreams, and ambitions. Through my experience/ because of this/ I learned this while on my personal journey to self-discovery and inner healing and I became a certified mindfulness and integrative life coach, executive coach, organizational development and leadership coach, personal enrichment and life empowerment coach to help clients feel empowered to overcome obstacles, replace limiting beliefs with positive thoughts, and create and develop solutions which allow you to execute actions that lead to the accomplishment of your goals and overall life success and happiness.

Dr. Elizabeth Jennings decided that furthering her education as personal and professional growth and development coach was the path to support clients in their self-discovery process. For over 19 years, Dr. Elizabeth Jennings has specialized in empowering clients of all ages (kids, teens, and adults) to live a life that is holistic and focused on the goals, desires, and ambitions of clients to achieve success in their personal and professional life. Whether you are dealing with fear, anxiety, regrets, overwhelmed by stress, depression, emptiness, low self-concept, or self-worth, a session with Dr. Elizabeth Jennings can help you feel empowered to develop practical solutions which allows the execution of actions and accomplishment of goals that lead overall life success and happiness.

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