Dr. Daisy-Scarlett MacCallum

Primary Care Sports Medicine, Family Medicine, Hospital medicine

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Provided Services:

  • preventative health
  • urgent and emergent care in all specialties of medicine

About Dr. Daisy-Scarlett MacCallum:

Family Medicine is the ultimate experience and allows for expertise in a wide range of education in all the subspecialties of medicine. This field enables us with the opportunity to not only focus on long-term care and preventative medicine but also to have the knowledge to recognize medical emergencies and direct you to receive urgent care. As a Sports Medicine-Family Medicine physician, I have had specialty training in sports medicine injuries and work on the sidelines of sporting events as well as stabilize emergencies of all specialties. I find the opportunity to not only work “on the field,” but also in a clinic and hospital clinical setting to be the ultimate exciting experience. I take care of a diverse population group to ensure best care practices and tailor treatment plans to the needs of my patients. My knowledge and experience working in all clinic settings will guide you with customized telemedicine care at Modi health.

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