Dr. Cortney Goodstadt

Doctor of physical therapy, Integrative nutrition health coach

Practitioner Specialty or Specialties: Rehabilitation of chronic conditions, balance dysfunction, inflammatory reduction

Practitioner List of Services: physical therapy, health coaching

I received my Masters’ of Physical Therapy in 2001 and my Doctorate in 2010. In my career, I have treated a variety of conditions and patient populations. I started working as a physical therapist in the hospital setting, where I had the opportunity to work with patients who required acute rehabilitation. This included post-operative orthopedic conditions primarily joint replacements, cardiac surgeries, neurological surgeries, and physical disabilities from newly diagnosed strokes and other neurological conditions. This was exciting as I was able to initiate their rehabilitation process. However, I found my desire to see out the entire rehabilitation course. This led me to work in a rehabilitation center where I felt I could establish a strong relationship with the patient, collaboratively setting goals, and witness achievements with their health. Most recently I worked in outpatient and home care settings. I found my passion for treating older adults with chronic conditions and medical complexities. My mission is to empower patients and clients to achieve optimal function in their lives.

Through my experiences, both professional and personal, I noticed the existing blocks with the traditional treatment model. I discovered this first hand when I sought treatment for my own symptoms. I quickly realized that only addressing the symptoms rather than a whole body approach will not regain health.

Becoming a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health coach provided me with the education and skills to bridge the gap that is seen in today’s healthcare. The combination of my physical therapy background and health coaching training has given me the tools to work with clients and patients in achieving their health and wellness goals.

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