Dr. Candice Myhre

Emergency Medicine Physician

Practitioner Specialty or Specialties: Emergency Medicine

Practitioner List of Services: Urgent and Emergent care in all specialties of medicine

Emergency Medicine is the ultimate experience as a physician. Our education in all the specialties of medicine enables us with the opportunity to deal with your medical emergency. We can also help you classify your emergency as urgency and direct you to urgent care. As an Emergency Medicine Physician, I stabilize emergencies of all specialties; ortho, cardiac, pulmonary, infectious…I find the ER to be the ultimate exciting experience as a physician. We are allowed the privilege to make your worst day, better, by allowing us to intervene in your health crisis. I did a transitional year at UCSF Fresno and loved learning a piece of all specialties burns, trauma, ob/GYN, ortho, derm, cards….then 3 years ER residency at LAC + USC county, one of busiest trauma centers in the country. Working in Los Angeles for 14 years and now in Kauai for 2 years has allowed me a window to the world. I take care of global patients with diverse ethnicities often directly off a long flight. My love of traveling, languages and different cultures assist me in taking care of our unique patients. When I am not at the Wilcox Hospital in Kauai, I am volunteering as a surf doctor in underdeveloped countries; Indonesia, Mentawai Islands, Fiji, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico, Bhutan, Ghana. These areas are often lacking in emergency services and make me appreciate all we have to offer in the US. I have worked simultaneously at multiple ER’s and UC’s and have the knowledge base and experience to guide you with telemedicine @modihealth.

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Note: Dr. Myhre is licensed in California and Hawaii and is only able to see patients in those states.

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