Cristen R. Grajeda, MS, CPRP, CLC, CPT  

Integrative Wellness and Life Coach

Practitioner List of Services: Integrative Wellness and Life Coaching, EFT Tapping Sessions, EQi-2.0 Assessment, Nutrition Counseling, Personal Training, Creative Movement, Soul Searching Sessions (guided reflections), Recharge Sessions: Stretch and Stabilization | Movement and Meditation | Breath and Visualization

Practitioner Specialty or Specialties: Integrative Wellness, Emotional Freedom Technique, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Personal and Professional Development, Stress Reduction, Nutrition, Fitness (various formats), Visual and Performance Art, Professional Development

Cristen is a wellness professional with advanced training including the following Certifications; Integrative Wellness and Life Coach, Holistic EFT Practitioner, EQi-2.0 Practitioner, Personal Trainer, and Nutrition Counselor. Her extensive career entails working full time as a Certified Parks and Recreation Professional, in addition to a part-time coach, trainer, and engaging speaker.

Cristen holds a Master’s Degree in Human Behavior and has worked in the fields of art, wellness, community recreation, and professional development for over 25 years. Her skill set and knowledge base are extremely diverse, including wide-ranging specialty fitness certifications, nutrition education, studio art, and ballroom dance. Through a collaboration of formal education, practical experience, and advanced training, her professional efforts have focused on the correlation of mind-body health, emotional intelligence, and understanding behavior patterns to guide clients in becoming their Best Self.

Cristen is a well-established leader and senior instructor known for her proficiency in innovative program development, educational workshops, and individual support sessions for staff within her organization. Annually, she engages thousands of working professionals with services that provide continuing education credits with the National Parks and Recreation Association as well as the Exercise Safety Association. She thoroughly enjoys providing opportunities that support career growth, wellness, and personal development while promoting inspiration and positive change to enhance the overall quality of life.

Cristen believes that wellness encompasses physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental balance as well as personal growth and attunement. Her approach is to challenge and support clients by strengthening self-awareness and self-reflection while exploring motivators and prospective barriers. She concentrates on setting clear goals, action plans, and useful means of measuring success. Her intention is to provide individuals the tools needed to empower themselves by maximizing their potential and assist them with finding their own path towards optimal well-being.

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