Cleanse & Create

The 30 Day Total Wellness Program & Detox
for the Mind, Body, Heart & Spirit


I am so excited to have the opportunity to support you on this 30 Day total wellness program and the journey of growth, healing, increased wellness & wellbeing that it will bring to your lives!

As you begin this program, my invitation to you is to let go of any negative self-judgements and comparison, start where you are and grow from there, and most importantly… commit 100%! Commit to yourself, commit to the process. This will give you the best results possible. Do your very best each week to listen to the lesson, follow the Cleans & Create program guidelines and protocol as well as do the exercises. These are all designed to remove negative blocks, habits and patterns while introducing new, healthier, more balanced self-care that will set you up to live the life you desire and to achieve the goals you are setting for your whole life and your whole self; mind, body, heart & spirit!

In order to get the most out of the program I recommend that you schedule 30 minutes each day to focus on the exercises and the program. Schedule this time in your calendar and make it as important and sacred as you would an important meeting, job interview or medical appointment.

As with any new fitness, nutrition, supplement program or wellness program, be sure to run everything by your doctor.

Again, I am thrilled to support you on your journey and I look forward to the next 30 days together and beyond!

In Wellness,

Dr. Rachel

Your Instructor: Dr. Rachel Eva Dew known as Dr. Rachel is a PhD and Doctor of Natural Medicine, Integrative Life Transformation Coach, International Teacher/Speaker & 5x Author.

Dr. Rachel is a board certified Doctor of Natural Medicine and an Integrative Life Transformation Coach who is additionally certified in over 20 healing modalities that support her integrative approach to whole person integrative wellness. She is board certified through the Association for Integrative Psychology as a master practitioner of NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapist. She was also trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Rachel is a master trainer of Integrative Coaching and certified as a personal trainer and yoga therapist. She has received certifications in ERYT yoga, sports nutrition, and sports therapeutics.

Rachel specializes in treating the whole person; mind, body, heart & spirit in order to help her clients achieve optimal health and wellbeing. Rachel treats all types of conditions and illnesses as well as offers preventative care. Her approach helps her patients achieve optimal health & wellbeing. No matter where you are in your journey, Dr. Rachel can help! Through working with Rachel you will gain the tools, support, and solutions you need to heal your total self in mind, body, heart & spirit.

Rachel continues coaching and treating patients in a wide range of illnesses and issues. She believes that your current health issues, your genetics, and your past history, as well as experiences, do not define your future.

Each week you will:

Watch the lesson video
Do the weekly exercises
Follow the self-care health & wellness elements (diet, exercise, mindfulness, etc.) that are outlined within the downloads on this page
Follow the supplement protocol (if you are participating in the detox portion)

Please download the documents below and be sure to review them before beginning the program:

Welcome page downloadable documents:

Hydration Guide
Nutrition Guide
Exercise Guide
Mindfulness Guide

Re-Education –

Whether you are a new traveler on the wellness journey or a pro, I will provide the most forward thinking, science supported, holistic re-education when it comes to the things that we put into (and on) our bodies. Please be sure to download and read the ‘Re-Education’ ebook download! It is a game changer!!

The 3 Elements –

The 3 Elements are foundational aspects to address and rebalance in order to achieve and maintain optimal health and wellbeing. The 3 Elements are inflammation, acidity and elimination/detox. All illness and disease, including mental health issues and obesity have inflammation, acidity and toxicity present even before you may notice outward signs and symptoms. These will be addressed at length within the program lessons, however, here is a brief overview of how to address these…

Inflammation, Acidity & Elimination/Detox are most effectively addressed through nutrition (such as anti-inflammatory foods), nutritional balance, hydration, supplements, stress management, mindset, reducing & expelling stressors – mental, emotional, physical, spiritual & environmental, mindfulness practices such as meditation and practicing forgiveness.

Detox Protocol

Please select the best option for your needs from the detox options below –

– Nutritional focus (you will learn about this option in the nutrition guide)
– Nutritional focus plus using the cleansing & detoxing aids, Bentonite Clay & psyllium Husk (these supplements can be found online or at your local vitamin store.
– Nutritional focus plus specific whole body cleansing supplements (you can determine the correct ones for you by consulting a natural doctor or by researching online. One of the brands that I personally use is Nupeutics Health

Add elimination techniques daily if possible in order to assist your body in flushing and releasing toxins from your body. Here are a few highly effective elimination techniques to incorporate:

Infrared sauna treatments
Dry brushing
Lymphatic drainage massages
Hot yoga or exercising to sweat (as you are able to tolerate)
Epsom salt baths
Abhyanga self massage (here is a link with more information and a tutorial ).

What is a Herxheimer Reaction?

During cleansing and detoxing, similarly to other healing processes, sometimes a ‘healing crisis’ occurs. If you’ve ever experienced flu-like symptoms, such as nausea, swollen glands, headaches, chills, fever, or other odd symptoms, after recently switching to a healthier diet or taking medication for a Candida infection for example, you might have experienced yeast die-off, also known as the Herheimer reaction.

Herxheimer reactions are usually brought on by an increase in endotoxins, a toxic substance living inside bacteria and fungi (such as yeast). Usually, these toxins are stored within the bacteria, but if the bacteria begin to disintegrate (or die-off), the toxins are released into the body. If enough “bad” bacteria or yeast die in a short amount of time, the toxin overload can cause the sudden onset of the symptoms listed above.

When this happens people are confused and frustrated by these symptoms because it doesn’t feel like the medication, cleanse, detox or diet changes are working. In fact, it can feel like you’re actually getting sicker! It can be unsettling if you don’t know what’s going on, but now that you know, if you experience this, know that it is not uncommon. There are also a few things that you can do to eliminate the symptoms and help your body process and expel faster which will assist in resolving the Herxheimer reactions more quickly. Here are the following tips for dealing with Herxheimer reactions:

Infrared sauna treatments
Dry brushing
Lymphatic drainage massages
Hot yoga or exercising to sweat (as you are able to tolerate)
Epsom salt baths
Abhyanga self massage (here is a link with more information and a tutorial ).

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