Christina Donaldson, MA

Life Coach

Practitioner List of Services: Holistic Life Coaching

Practitioner Specialties: Work/ Life Balance, Transitions, Self-Care

I believe that each person holds their own truth within. In my experience, coaching is one way to access that truth. This allows us to take the next steps on our path.

I have my Masters degree in Positive and Coaching Psychology from University College Cork and am a member of the Association for Coaching. My coaching approach encourages clients to develop self-awareness, uncover insights that spark action and work with emotions through mindful techniques. Additionally, I have experience working with clients who identify as neurodiverse (including Autism/Aspergers, ADHD, and high sensory sensitivity).

As your coach I can guide you to:

  • Gain clarity around decision making
  • Make progress towards achieving personal goals
  • Use reflection and creativity to process emotions and life experiences
  • Identify and understand your strengths and values
  • Find more in life that brings you a sense of purpose

Many of us may not feel like we have it all together, however we might be surprised by what is possible for us. Working with people to recognize the change they want to make and partnering with them on their journey of exploration is what brings me great joy as a coach.

I live in the Hudson Valley, New York where I maintain my own wellbeing by taking long walks and spending time with my family. My favorite creative outlets include writing, knitting and spending time in nature.

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