Christianne Pereira Giesbrecht Chaves

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Gut Health, Life balance.

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Provided Services:

  • Health coaching
  • nutritional coaching
  • weight loss
  • gut health
  • lifestyle
  • stress management.


Portuguese, Spanish, and English

About Christianne Pereira Giesbrecht Chaves:

Christianne is from Brazil and of course, she speaks Portuguese and Spanish. In Brazil, Christianne started studying computers, and then she realizes it was not her mission, after that she decided to start a bachelor’s in Physical Therapy where she found her path and just expanded her knowledge with a bachelor’s in Physical Education and Masters in Physical Education. Completing her academic degrees, she owned a Ph.D. in Sports Science from Portugal. In the USA Christianne holds a Certification in Medical Exercise Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer from the American Council of Exercise (ACE). With all those exercise backgrounds she felt in need to learn more about nutrition and that led her to the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where now she is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

As a Health Coach, she helps clients to achieve transformation and sustainable lifestyle changes, whatever and whenever the person needs. Her passion is to help people with an autoimmune disease like Hashimoto, Celiac, or other autoimmune conditions to improve their health, to lower their antibodies, and/or to lose weight. So, they can feel better, more energized, and regain their normal selves having a normal and happy life.

Christianne, as well as her daughter, have an autoimmune condition and besides the Health Coach Certification, she still felt in need to learn, even more, she is a lifelong learner! And that took her to the School of Applied Functional Medicine, where she just started her exciting new journey.

Christianne is married for 16 years and has an 11-year-old lovely daughter. Christianne loves to exercise, watch movies and series, and traveling with her family.

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