Cecilia Hillman

Life Coach and Meditation Teacher

Services offered: Life Coaching and Meditation Sessions

Languages: English and Tagalog

Cecilia is an integrative wellness and life coach certified by the Integrative Wellness Academy with a dual degree in psychology & education. She is also a certified MBTI practitioner as well as a certified meditation teacher and integrates these into her practice. In addition, she has a professional background in self-sufficiency counseling and career counseling in the non-profit sector with extensive training in providing direct services in the field of mental health, teaching, and volunteering. She has worked with clients from different social, economic, and cultural backgrounds for many years.

Having to go through many transitions and her own personal transformation journey prior to becoming a life coach, she brings in a unique experience and understanding of the integrative healing modalities that supported her own wellness and balance in the four systems; mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. With the support of a life coach, she found the strength to do the inner work and intentionally made choices rooted in love, discipline, humility, and compassion. She believes that a life coach is a powerful support system to help you get to the root of the negative patterns, overcome core issues, create specific action steps to achieve goals, gain clarity, find a new path, and discover your purpose.

Coming from a collective culture – her passion has always been helping people – to assist them with tapping into their fullest potentials and discover their life purpose. She is an advocate of whole-person care and takes an integrative approach to attain wellness and balance in mind, body, heart, and spirit.

Cecilia is client-focused who firmly believes that everything that you need is already inside of you and with the right support, you can empower yourself to experience the life you want to live, your way! Whether you are struggling with the day-to-day stressors or going through a transition, a session with her can help you tap into the healing power of coaching and meditation.

Integrative Wellness and Life Coach Certification
MBTI Certification
Meditation Teacher Certification

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