Carol Wisinski

Health & Wellness Coach

Practitioner Specialty or Specialties: Health & Life Coach

Practitioner List of Services: Provide coaching for weight loss, prevention of diseases, life skills

Languages: English

Carol became a health coach because she learned through her experience as a nurse the importance of taking charge of one’s own health. She noticed that patients experienced a reversal of preventable chronic illnesses just by changing their lifestyle habits.

Carol is passionate about helping clients improve their self-confidence and overall health. She will help you to create a healthy lifestyle to lose weight, keep it off, and feel comfortable in your body. She will help you uncover the obstacles and emotions that are getting in the way of you living your best life.

Her coaching and nursing experience allows her to provide you, the client, with the tools and methods you need to achieve your weight loss goals. She holds certifications in Health and Life Coaching and a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing.

She will teach you how to incorporate simple habits for lasting results and support you by utilizing an evidenced-based, step-by-step process to achieve those goals. Her coaching sessions are client-centered, with a whole-person approach in mind, coupled with acceptance, presence, and the science of healthcare.

Carol enjoys cycling, swimming, and weight training as her favorite forms of exercise. She has found these three activities to be the perfect balance in her life in order to maintain optimal physical and mental wellbeing. She can help you find your balance too.

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