Breezie Jordan

Certified Personal Trainer

Practitioner List of Services: Personal Training

Practitioner Specialty or Specialties: Functional Training, mobility, and personal training

Language: English

Breezie is a Personal Trainer, Fitness Model, and volleyball coach. Fitness has always been an integral part of her life, she began playing sports at the age of 4, and is a former Collegiate Athlete, Colligate Volleyball Coach, and Kinesiology activity course instructor.

As a long-time fitness junkie Breezie has taken principles from a variety of different disciplines to create a training style that is focused on Functional training with an emphasis on increasing mobility + flexibility.

Her training style is a fusion of Functional Training, calisthenics, High-Intensity Interval Training [HIIT], and Plyometrics. The purpose is to increase full-body strength, balance, and body awareness for longevity, injury prevention, and durability as we age, gracefully.

She loves working with clients with a wide range of fitness goals. Whether it be sports, staying in shape, or getting started with a workout routine. Our bodies were designed to be in motion and it’s our job to keep them moving, in a fun and healthy way.

Breezie is a Southern California native, currently, she resides in Los Angeles with her fiancé Danielle, their son Owen and two crazy dogs Maggie and Skye.


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